Pickerington, Ohio Real Estate

If you've always wanted to visit the "Violet Capitol of Ohio," then it's time to find your way to Pickerington. With a population of 20,000 residents, this beautiful suburb of Columbus is a treasure waiting to be discovered. An area known for its rolling hills and thick forests, Pickerington has plenty of reasons why residents love to call this city home.

Offering a mix of the old and the new, Pickerington has many log houses to go along with the numerous contemporary homes in the area. The city's real estate market is quite strong, which is evidenced by data showing the average home stays on the market for only 46 days, proving plenty of people are making Pickerington their new home. Homes sell for an average price of $193,000, letting virtually everyone find a home that fits their budget.

For many residents, one of the biggest draws in Pickerington is the city's historic downtown shopping district. Filled with a wide variety of local shops that cater to all ages, a day spent visiting this part of the city is truly something special. In addition to this, those who have a love for the open road can pay a visit to the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, which showcases the rich and varied history of man's obsession with motorcycles.

Of course, families who move to Pickerington want to be sure their children will receive a quality education. In this Columbus suburb, a quality education is guaranteed. Having recently built many new schools, the area is committed to giving children a top-notch educational experience. Schools in this city are often noted for cutting-edge ideas that always result in innovative classes and activities for kids, enabling them to maintain extremely high standards each and every year.

With plenty of open fields and parks filled with biking and walking trails, numerous shopping and entertainment options, and friendly people who are always ready to welcome new residents, Pickerington is a true gem in Ohio. For families looking for a great city that still feels like a small town, there's no better option than Pickerington.

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